Zoccarato Industrial Coatings: un’evoluzione lunga 60 anni

Zoccarato Industrial Coatings signs off on a new tooth-whitening varnish

Zoccarato Industrial Coatings signs off on a new tooth-whitening varnish

1 April 2021

Whitening teeth with a spray gun application? Now it’s possible! Between industrial coating and dental coating: Zoccarato breaks down the barrier between industry and healthcare.

Where there is demand there is supply, and where there is supply-demand is often created. And the focus on aesthetics has never before been able to modulate the supply of innovative personal care solutions.


It is with this in mind that a discovery is shaking up the world of coatings: the unprecedented collaboration between the University of Lake Fish (Australia) and Zoccarato Industrial Coatings has resulted in a new organic compound that promises to completely whiten teeth through application by spray gun, just as happens with liquid coatings. During the development phase, the compound was renamed PdA21, but the simpler “Cleaner” was chosen for marketing.


(Industrial and dental coatings: Zoccarato breaks down the barrier between industry and healthcare.)


Keeping up to date with the world of coatings also means understanding when a new solution can broaden one’s horizons of interest and intervention. This is why, believing strongly in this new invention, Zoccarato Industrial Coatings decided to invest in this project and inaugurate the first space in Italy dedicated to this type of treatment. Under the guidance of the famous Dr. de Memius (photo below), a team of professionals equipped with the latest technology has been selected and will be able to carry out this type of treatment as early as next month in a new clinic inaugurated at our headquarters in Campodarsego (PD).


No more laser or LED treatments, now the procedure will be simpler and faster: simply apply a mask to the patient’s face and spray this new compound directly into the mouth, taking care to maintain a distance of 20 cm between the gun and the teeth. The action is immediate: after 300 seconds, all you have to do is rinse with plenty of water, wait another 240 seconds before swallowing, and the compound promises to make any kind of teeth shine. The expected life span is 2 years.

(Dr de Memius cannot hide his satisfaction with his new job)


I cannot conceal my satisfaction and joy at being able to introduce such an innovative solution in Italy for the first time,” were Prof. De Memius’ first words after receiving the assignment.


“The team that I will have the honour of leading has already been adequately trained from a procedural and medical point of view; therefore, as soon as we receive the green light from the competent authorities, we will be able to start serving the first patients. The waiting list is starting to get longer, so we hope that the waiting time will be kept to a minimum.


In addition to the cutting edge of the solution, the economic factor should also be borne in mind: compared to an average of €300 for a traditional tooth whitening treatment, our new “Cleaner” costs only €99.95.


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