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The importance of polishing:
between value and aesthetic care

The importance of polishing:
between value and aesthetic care

22 March 2021

Polishing is a process that allows us to achieve a level of surface treatment that is no less than perfect.

The field of industrial coating inevitably finds its focus in coloring and protective surface treatment activities but, for these operations to be successful, it is also necessary to have a series of processes complementary to those of painting.


It is necessary to pre-treat, prepare, clean, seal and sometimes finish the already painted items: all this contributes to ensuring that the quality of the work is always at its maximum potential, thus ensuring unparalleled aesthetic performance and resistance.

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Attention to detail is the key to getting a job done at its best, a well-tested formula both in our internal processes and in the execution of the treatment itself.


With this thought in mind, and to satisfy a growing need encountered in the market and by our own customers, we wanted to inaugurate a safe space within our factory entirely dedicated to polishing activities, a laboratory where we can finish all those details that require a level of precision not less than perfection.


This is a last level of treatment, following the actual painting, which involves an aesthetic improvement and a further quality control, a fundamental moment especially for the most delicate and precious items.

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All the photos in this article depict details of the automotive sector, belonging to a well-known luxury brand.


Whether it’s a defect removal or a necessary and required improvement, polishing helps to achieve an aesthetically perfect finish. Polishing an article means that it can always shine with reflected light, improving its perception to the human eye.

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