Sealing is an intermediate step in the processing cycle, with which we can improve the protection of joints from external influences and perfect their appearance.

The sealing process is an intermediate step in the machining cycle. Through this process, we can offer our customers high-performance applications for protection from external agents and aesthetics on joints, sheet metal couplings, etc.


Our strengths include the use of sealants and adhesives with various approvals, including those from the automotive sector, and a new dynamic plant (photo below), designed specifically to standardise performance and achieve high production efficiency.

sigillatura pistola sigillante Zoccarato Industrial Coatings
impianto automatico sigillatura Zoccarato Industrial Coatings

With this plant we are able to organise the application times and methods down to the smallest detail, ensuring that the sealing process meets the deadlines required by the e-coating, powder coating and liquid coating lines in the best possible way.


To keep the quality of the treatment always at the highest level of efficiency, a separate room has been dedicated to sealing: a large space with a constantly controlled temperature, so that cold and heat do not affect the final yield.