Our in-house body shop is a dedicated touch-up and sanding area, to ensure that work is always carried out to perfection.

Our body shop is dedicated to refinishing and sanding, which are essential activities to ensure that work is always carried out to perfection..


Equipped with all the necessary tools, it is staffed by highly qualified personnel who can carry out all the work required to further improve the surface treatment.

Operatori lucidano cabine per macchine movimentazione della terra

In addition, the dedicated area features high illumination (> 2,000 lux), which makes it possible to highlight even the most difficult-to-detect imperfections with the naked eye, thus enabling further, more thorough quality control.


Filling, sanding, polishing, refinishing, disassembling damaged parts, repairing or replacing, straightening the bodywork: all these operations can be carried out in our body shop, complementary but necessary services to the main surface treatment phases.