La sabbiatura precede il ciclo di verniciatura allo scopo di asportare dalla superficie metallica gli elementi estranei. La verniciatura su manufatti sabbiati garantisce superiori performance di durabilità nel tempo.

Shotblasting is a mechanical process that precedes the coating cycle and is carried out to remove foreign elements from the metal surface such as oxides, scale, old paint and/or other coatings previously applied.


Painting on shotdblasted products guarantees superior durability over time.

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We have new generation shotblasting machines managed with a PLC electronic system and equipped with a two-rail conveyor, able to offer various surface finishes in compliance with the processing classes envisaged by the Sa2, Sa2.5 and Sa3 standards.


Among our strengths, the high surface finishes that can be obtained on various types of metal surfaces, including aluminium, stand out, always guaranteeing maximum production efficiency.

The shotblasting process takes place entirely inside our machines in a completely automated way: the articles to be treated are hit by a jet of sand and air that removes the external impurities. In other words, grains of sand (or other abrasive material) are projected at high speed onto the surface to be cleaned, detaching the layer to be removed and reducing it to dust. At the end of the operation, the material underneath the removed layer is completely uncovered, ready for surface treatment.

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Our state-of-the-art, remotely controlled shotblasting machines can also work on large items, supporting a weight of up to 2,000 kg.