Furniture, Joinery and Gates

E-coating, powder coating or liquid coating of furniture, door and window frames and gates, both automatic and manual, means extending their life cycle and making them impervious to external agents. The high quality of the service we can offer helps to improve the performance of these articles: from large gates for access automation to brackets for supporting shelving, we can treat any type of article that requires extremely high-quality surface processing.


The homologations and certifications we have at our disposal allow us to carry out surface treatments in the sensitive area of cars, commercial vehicles and motorbikes. By definition, in a market sector where attention to detail goes hand in hand with engineering quality, the coating is a distinctive element that enhances and protects both internal and external components.


Components & Parts

Components are often an essential part of the functioning of an item as a whole. For this reason, ensuring that these items do not lose their efficiency over time is essential, as they must ensure that they do not interfere with the operation of the asset they comprise. Whether it’s gears, rods, pipes, containers, or components for the automotive, construction or mechanical sectors, we have a range of approvals that allow us to e-coat, powder-coat or liquid-coat any category of item.

Home appliances

This is one of the sectors where aesthetic perception goes hand in hand with the idea of value: a high-quality coating can give appliances the right level of guarantee of value. From the internal components to the entire article, we can coat the most varied dimensions.


Heating & Flue

Flue accessories are constantly exposed to stressful situations, as the disposal of combustion fumes exposes the pipes to high temperatures. For this reason, components for this sector must be adequately protected to extend their life cycle and at the same time cover the metal surface with the best available treatment against wear.

Agricultural machines

Agricultural machinery and its components are one of the jewels in the Made in Italy crown: solutions exported all over the world are immediately recognisable, thanks also to the univocal colours that distinguish them. To guarantee their durability over time, an optimal surface treatment is the best way to protect these machines from the often harsh conditions in which they operate.


Material handling machines

Industrial materials handling equipment is capable of lifting the largest of items and is extremely functional in a wide variety of sectors, including construction and ports. Knowing how to adhere to and respond to the specifications for these machines is not just an aesthetic factor, but an important step on the road to optimum machine quality.

Earth-moving machines

Whether it’s land modelling, excavation or land management, these industrial machines demand the highest level of performance. This also applies to the coating that characterises them. Being in contact with soils of all types, from light sandy to heavy clay and snow, they must be able to withstand any situation, including weather and impact.



Water transport can put a strain on the materials of any type of vessel. The continuous exposure to sun, wind, salt and, more generally, to any kind of atmospheric condition, can cause metal alloys and plastic compounds to deteriorate. For these reasons, surface treatments applicable in the nautical and naval sectors are necessary to preserve boats and their components in optimal conditions, avoiding damage or malfunction.

Pumps and compressors

Fluid handling solutions include items such as pumps, electric pumps and compressors, designed to handle the treatment of water and other liquids. Coating these solutions means protecting them from wear and corrosion, preserving their qualities and performance for a guaranteed longer life cycle.


Refrigeration and heating

Solutions capable of lowering or raising the heat of rooms or items about the external temperature, such as cold rooms, refrigerated counters, blast chillers, heat pumps, heaters, boilers and air conditioners, are subject to wear and tear and problems arising from the temperatures themselves. They often work in critical environments where their properties cannot be allowed to fail, as this could cause damage to what is in contact with them or what they contain. This is why the coating of these articles are also essential: they guarantee their external protection and that of their internal components while maintaining their operation unaltered over time.