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Let's remember that we are the environment... Let's respect it!

Let's remember that we are the environment... Let's respect it!

29 April 2021

Earth Day is a time to celebrate the environment and the preservation of our planet.

Earth Day has just been celebrated, the day in which the protection of the environment and our planet is celebrated all over the world.


It is the ideal opportunity to discuss the problems that afflict the Earth: pollution, the destruction of ecosystems, the consequent disappearance of animals and plants, the depletion of non-renewable resources, and the rise in temperatures are only the main ones, but not the only ones.


There is debate on solutions that could drastically reduce the negative effects of human activities, such as better recycling of materials, the conservation of natural resources, the ban on the use of harmful products, the protection of fundamental habitats such as forests and oceans, protection of endangered or threatened species.

giornata della terra

In a world that is now totally globalized, each in his “small” is called to act to counteract to improve the conditions in which our planet finds itself, to ensure that the future can present an environment that is still totally liveable.


For us at Zoccarato, who work every day in the field of powder coating, liquid coating, e-coating, sealing, and sandblasting, this is a particularly sensitive issue: we have always been committed to respecting the environment and in the search for a “modus operandi” which, improving year by year, increasingly leads to the use of eco-sustainable raw materials, use of renewable energy, the correct disposal of waste and the reuse of raw materials that are not fully exploited, through a modern internal recycling system. Sustainability is not an option, but a value that we carry forward with pride.

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Specifically, among the various initiatives we have undertaken, we include the energy with which we carry out our internal processes: all our activities are carried out using only renewable energy from the hydroelectric plants of the Dolomites. This is an energy efficiency that guarantees a reduction in energy consumption and therefore in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.


With this in mind, we are pleased to celebrate an important result for the year 2019: thanks to “100% Clean Energy Dolomiti Energia” we have avoided 905.5552 tons of CO2, and thanks to “GAS 100% Compensa CO2” we have offset 536.3543 tons of CO2.


To produce an electric kilowatt-hour, fossil fuels are burned and consequently important quantities of CO2 are emitted into the atmosphere. The production of clean energy avoids the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere. Using energy from renewable sources, we help improve the environment in which we live and ensure a better future for the new generations.

dolomiti energia report zoccarato
Il risparmio di CO2 riferito all’anno 2019.

The production and consumption of gases are among the major causes of the greenhouse effect, emitting large quantities of CO2 into the atmosphere. With “Gas 100% Compensa CO2” we were able to offset the carbon dioxide emissions associated with the consumption of natural gas. In this way, we offset our CO2 emissions caused by the use of natural gas through the co-financing of an ad hoc project, balancing the accounts with nature.

dolomiti energia risparmio zoccarato gas
La compensazione delle emissioni di anidride carbonica riferita all’anno 2019.

We are aware that there is still a long way to go and that everyone can do more, but reaching these goals gives us the right push to improve further. Let’s remember that we are the environment… Let’s respect it!