world colour day
Mascheratura per la verniciatura: le fasi di lavorazione

World Colour Day: Colour changes the world!

6 May 2021

Today is World Colour Day – an occasion to remember how different shades of colour can have a major impact on our lives and our ability to express ourselves!

Colour has great relevance in many areas of our lives, from how we have always used them as children to express thoughts and emotions, to how their use has influenced the world of art and a certain way of perceiving the items we come into contact with on a daily basis, to the animal world, where colour shades are used by countless creatures even as a defensive tactic.


Our experience in industrial painting, whether powder, liquid or cataphoretic, confirms this: colour enriches our lives, and on this special day we celebrate it for the great contribution it makes.

verniciatura a polvere giallo cabina automatica manuale

They become a way of expressing one’s culture and history, an unwritten language, but no less significant for that: each one is naturally associated with a concept, sometimes influenced by the context in which it is expressed. To give a few examples, yellow often arouses emotions linked to brightness and therefore cheerfulness, such as sunlight, while blue evokes something that encloses, such as the sky or the universe, and red evokes something active and in motion, such as fire.


In the world of industrial coating, all this has a clear value: the brightest and most particular colours are able to give the treated articles a unique character, giving them that communicative force capable of making any manufactured article, of any size, memorable.

verniciatura a polvere verde articoli settore agricolo

Ensuring that an article can be immediately associated with a particular colour makes it immediately recognisable within a context that often tends to homogenise, making those who are able to differentiate themselves stand out. This is one of the most important aspects: colour gives identity, so it communicates by the mere fact of existing.


For all these reasons (and many others!) it is right to celebrate it, and the importance of this day is confirmed by the fact that it is actually called “World Kids Colouring Day“: all over the world, on 6 May, children and teenagers get busy colouring in order to make the world a better and more colourful place. The aim is to give them the chance to make a difference and help children in need by raising awareness of universal causes such as humanitarian aid and respect for the environment.