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The value of people: between ethics and work well-being

The value of people: between ethics and work well-being

28 June 2021

Unity and teamwork make the difference and bring benefits both on a personal and corporate level, and are values that are often fostered by an optimal working climate.

The corporate climate is the way in which people perceive the work environment and is a very important indicator both from the point of view of operational performance and of the quality of life of a company. For this reason we strongly believe in the value of people and we are aware of the fact that mutual respect and the liveability of the workplace are also the basis of any intention to increase productivity.


We pay great attention to quality and the working climate, we support talent and encourage the search for improvement, we share and leave room for personal initiative, always with a view to collaborative improvement of the company. As they say, “the total is greater than the sum of its parts”: unity and team play really make a difference and benefit everyone.

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Regardless of the role held, the added value brought by the individual can always make a difference. We are a dynamic and multicultural reality, always attentive to the needs of our collaborators, from whom we listen to any criticisms and food for thought.

The way in which our collaborators live the company largely defines who we are, and it is also for this reason that the attention we pay to these aspects is of primary importance.


Maintaining a good corporate climate has significant effects on our ability to make the best use of technical and human resources. The quality of our surface treatments, both the cataphoresis and the powder and liquid painting, have their origins both in the care with which we carry out our operations, the result of decades of experience and technological avant-garde, as in the well-being that we try to spread in the company. This also applies to all the other services we provide on a daily basis, including sealing, sandblasting, bodywork and polishing.

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We organize refresher workshops on issues related both to painting and for example to the use of digital tools or the importance of environmental sustainability. All this contributes to creating a hospitable environment in which to feel at ease: a way to ensure that ethics can also be a lever to increase production efficiency.