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Verniciatura a polvere: cos’è e come funziona

How to benefit from ecoating: applications and benefits of the most durable surface treatment

How to benefit from ecoating: applications and benefits of the most durable surface treatment

3 March 2022

Rather than how to benefit from ecoating, we should ask ourselves why we should not always take advantage of it whenever possible. In the following article, we will look at how ecoating is essential for a wide range of industries and why we always recommend its application.

Have you ever wondered how it is that certain products manage to survive outdoors without being damaged by rain, snow or salt? Supposedly someone treats them in such a way as to make them ‘waterproof’ against external agents and oxidation, but how exactly? That’s right, they are treated with a special treatment and, for the most valuable items and for which you want to ensure maximum protection, the process in question is ecoating.


Think of ecoating as an immersion coating treatment, as opposed to liquid or powder coating. With powder, paint is applied to a surface and then heated to the point where it melts. Once it has become liquid, it is left to dry, producing a colourful and durable coating that is both economical and environmentally friendly. With liquid, on the other hand, the varnish is applied to the article and, after it has entered the baking oven and been allowed to dry, it too remains imprinted on the surface.


Both treatments are also protective, but not to the extent of ecoating, which is often used as a primer coating for the sole purpose of protection: after processing the articles with ecoating, another level of treatment is then added, either powder or liquid, to colour the article according to the most diverse requirements.


Ecoating is a complex and extremely long-lasting treatment, comprising several stages and sequentially advancing steps, resulting in an unparalleled level of surface protection. It is an electrolytic process, because electrodes connected to the positive pole are also immersed in the bath for the actual cataphoresis coating. In short, the electric field that develops gives rise to electrochemical phenomena that cause the paint to deposit on the workpiece. For this reason, items that can be treated in this way must necessarily be of a metallic nature, such as steel, aluminium, cast iron and others.



It is precisely because this is a complex process that it is essential to rely on a partner with proven experience in this area and with equipment that can meet the most diverse requirements.



Below is a list of some of the sectors in which Zoccarato Industrial Coatings supplies ecoating and the individual advantages this entails.

operatrice cammina tra cabine verniciate in cataforesi

Examples of ecoating treatments


One of the sectors par excellence, an industry already known for the meticulous surface coatings of its products, cars of all types are always treated with ecoating. The bodywork is always fully coated, so as to limit oxidation as much as possible, and the same applies to internal engine and mechanical components.


Industrial and agricultural machinery

This sector may be among the most suitable of all for ecoating. These machines are in direct contact with water, earth, snow, wind, 365 days a year and in all climatic conditions; therefore, cataphoresis coating provides a protective barrier that eliminates the risk of such valuable items losing their value and deteriorating due to external agents.


Agricultural and landscaping equipment

Mother Nature is not kind to metal items and rust plays its part. Ecoating ensures their durability and protects these machines from the often harsh conditions in which they operate.

verniciatura polvere rosso
Dopo essere stati trattati in cataforesi di colore nero, questi articoli del settore agricolo vengono rifiniti tramite verniciatura a polvere di colore rosso.

Fluid handling solutions

Fluid handling solutions include items such as pumps, electric pumps and compressors, designed to handle the treatment of water and other liquids. Coating these solutions means protects them from wear and corrosion, preserving their qualities and performance for a guaranteed longer and more durable life cycle.


Refrigeration and heating

Solutions capable of lowering or raising the heat of rooms or items relative to the outside temperature, such as cold rooms, refrigerated counters, blast chillers, heat pumps, heaters, boilers and air conditioners, are subject to wear and tear and problems arising from the temperatures themselves.



An almost infinite field, with one common denominator: nothing should rust or be ruined by oxidation, as these are components that are often essential parts for the functioning of articles in their entirety. For this reason, ensuring that these items do not lose their efficiency over time is essential, as they must guarantee that they do not interfere with the functioning of the goods they are intended to make up.

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Certified ecoating specialists

After reading this short list of some of the industries and products that can be cataphoretically coated, the easiest question to ask might be: what cannot be cataphoretically coated? Actually, if we are talking about metal articles, very little! But choosing the right ecoating partner is crucial, because the quality of the treatment must always be top notch to ensure impeccable aesthetic and lasting performance.


he importance of Zoccarato Industrial Coatings’ certifications lies in the fact that they guarantee compliance with the requirements imposed by international standards regarding the conformity of products, services, processes, systems and people.


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