degreasing and pickling differences
Verniciatura a polvere: cos’è e come funziona

Zoccarato Industrial Coatings is pleased and proud to present CON LA FORZA DEL COLORE, the film loosely based on our company’s history. The film, directed by Jani Burnfield and starring Alex Trout and Ed Drinkwater, among others, will stream on December 24, 2022 and premiere in Venice on December 8.



CON LA FORZA DEL COLORE is a true cinematic experiment: to unite a strong industrial story with the magic of cinema, a path of growth and ambition that, thanks to cinematic narrative, brings to the attention of viewers around the world a story that we hope will fascinate people of all ages.


The protagonist is Guglielmo, a boy with parents suffering from color blindness, who at the age of 14 finally manages to discover the difference between colors: it is a crucial moment that sets in motion a series of events that will lead him to discover what he really wants from life. The struggle for success, the unbridled passions, the intrigues, the betrayals are faced with indomitable courage by the one who, alone, could change his own life.


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poster pubblicitario con la forza del colore

The film will be shot in its entirety this summer at the Zoccarato Industrial Coatings facility in the city of Padua, with some shooting in Verona and Venice.


“CON LA FORZA DEL COLORE wants to be the beginning of a new line of filmmaking, able to combine business realities with the art of cinema,” says director Jani Burnedfield, “We are finding more and more interest and curiosity from the public for the way companies work and how they have established themselves in the world. Just think of the documentary program ‘How It’s Made’, which in the USA and Canada still has a huge following and shows the most peculiar production processes. From this idea, a number of films have developed that have delved into the history of some historic companies. We think that this trend is about to become established in Europe as well. The screenplay is by Andrew Little August and myself.”

Alex Trout in a movie scene
Alex Trout in a movie scene

CON LA FORZA DEL COLORE stars Alex Trout (Breakfast at Fred’s, A Special Christmas), Matthew Goodwind (Hear How It Sounds, The Man Who Lived Twice), Ennio Metà (The Yellow Room, Birdsong), Ed Drinkwater (The Haunted Garden, Story of an Aviator) and Daniel Mole (The Woman Who Knocked on the Door, Employee of the Year), among others.


The screenplay and subject are by Jani Burnedfield and Andrew Little August, while the technical cast includes cinematographer Richard Young, production designer Matthew Hammer, makeup artist Nancy Paris and costume designer Angela Flatcher. The music is by Omar Course.

Con la forza del colore

CON LA FORZA DEL COLORE will be available to stream starting December 24, 2022, while the national premiere will be shown in theaters on December 8, 2022, at the Acqua Alta Cinema in Venice.

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