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We choose to respect the environment!

We choose to respect the environment!

31 May 2022

Safeguarding the Earth is one of the great objectives of our years, the most urgent and not negligible. There has been a recent general awareness of the urgency linked to the actions to be taken to mitigate the risks associated with climate change, thanks above all to the work of activists, scientists and experts. Companies are also required to play a fundamental role in achieving the common goal.

Although there has been talk for many years about the need to reverse the course in the field of pollution and respect for the environment, we can say that 2019 was the year in which the world definitively opened its eyes in this regard.

In 2019 there was a general awareness of the problems related to climate change, on the one hand for the increasingly pressing warnings of scientists and experts on the need to put a stop to greenhouse gas emissions, on the other for the actions of protest started by activist Greta Thunberg already in 2018 and then continued around the world, resulting in the global awareness event on March 15, 2019.

We choose to respect the environment!

Companies and environmental communication

An awareness that over time has also increasingly affected companies. The confirmation can be obtained by analyzing the trend topics in brand communication in 2019, where it emerges that the issue of environmental sustainability has played a role of the highest level with a significant increase in the number of companies that refer to these issues in their communication.


For the research, a sample of creativity spread across the various media was selected, from which keywords were extrapolated that indicated an association with the issue of sustainability. In the first four months of 2018 there were 85 brands that spoke of sustainability in various capacities, in the corresponding period of 2019 the number grew to 129 (+ 34%), involving an increasingly vast number of product categories, from the energy sector to food and large distribution.


However, this new focus on the communication register linked to sustainability must go hand in hand with concrete actions, tangible facts that demonstrate the interest of companies in respecting our planet and, consequently, for those who live there.

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Why make a Green choice

There are countless reasons why it is good to move towards sustainable business processes, but it is enough to mention two, perhaps the main ones, to highlight the reasons.


Ethics on the one hand, business itself on the other. Giving a future to the next generations, guaranteeing the livability of our planet and the subsistence of the various species that inhabit it should be one of the cornerstones of the agendas around the world. As also stated by Barack Obama: “Their future is no longer a choice between a growing economy and a cleaner planet, because their survival depends on both”.


From a business point of view, moving from a green perspective means anticipating the moves that will inevitably be taken tomorrow. Everything that today takes the name of “green” (green market, green economy, green policies, etc.) will one day become the consolidated standard, something that cannot be avoided. Moving in advance means preparing in the best possible way for an inevitable change.

We choose to respect the environment!

Environmental footprint: CO2 avoided in 2020

For all these reasons, like Zoccarato Industrial Coatings we have already taken important steps in an environmental perspective. Each company has an impact on the environment, a CO2 footprint which, thanks to customized and certified interventions, can be canceled and / or compensated and subsequently communicated.


To produce one kilowatt hour of electricity, fossil fuels are burned and consequently important quantities of CO2 are emitted into the atmosphere. The production of clean energy avoids the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.


For some years now we have chosen to use energy from renewable sources, thus helping to improve the environment in which we live and to ensure a better future for the new generations. Thanks to “100% Energia Pulita Dolomiti Energia” we have avoided generating 4869.37 tons of CO2 in 2020!


In the following table the data referring to 2020, divided month by month:


January 2020 221071 434.63 tons
February 2020 235601 463.19 tons
March 2020 224254 440.88 tons
April 2020 131694 258.91 tons
May 2020 201833 396.8 tons
June 2020 206518 406.01 tons
July 2020 241510 474.81 tons
August 2020 138761 272.8 tons
September 2020 223817 440.02 tons
October 2020 221790 436.04 tons
November 2020 212956 418.67 tons
December 2020 216983 426.59 tons
    Total 4869.37 tons
We choose to respect the environment!