Bending strength test
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Bending strength test

Assessing the formability and flexibility of the coating serves to understand how the coating would behave if the surface on which it is deposited were to change shape. Let’s analyse the bending resistance test.

The bend test for conical mandrel coating is an important test of coating flexibility. It is performed by rolling the surface using a coating tester, making sure to place the coated side on the outside.


In other words, it is a method of assessing the resistance of a coating film to breaking or peeling from the substrate when subjected to deformation.


To carry out the test, a special instrument is required, called a conical mandrel for bending tests, into which the sheet to be tested is inserted. By pressing the lever at the top of the tester, the sheet is bent and any cracks in the coating are revealed.


The standard governing this test is ISO 16474.