The power of color: between communication and emotion
Verniciatura a polvere: cos’è e come funziona

The power of color: between communication and emotion

The power of color: between communication and emotion

15 September 2021

Sometimes we don’t think about it, but the use of colour can influence everyday life in many ways, both in industry and in the private sphere, arousing emotions and encouraging decisions.

Color is much more than aesthetics and design. As is well known, color influences the intellect and has a strong psychological effect, as well as being able to arouse emotions. For this reason, it has a strong influence on our surroundings and everyday life, with its potential to transform emotions and behaviour.


Color choices often reflect the feelings we want to inspire within certain spaces or in the people who will interface with them. Just think of the muted tones often found inside hospitals (green, blue, white) that are intended to calm and relax.

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The growing importance of color coatings

Over the past two decades, the importance of color selection has become increasingly important. With the help of scientific studies, manufacturers are now required to pay attention to the psychological needs of the end-user when evaluating color.


In the industrial sector, while until recently black, white and gray were the dominant colors in almost all cases, being established standards and “universal” colors, today the color palette has expanded, allowing manufacturers to give character and recognition to their creations, as well as helping in the recognition of products within an increasingly crowded industrial landscape.

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Industrial coating trends

It is precisely for these reasons that the color must be chosen carefully. In the industrial coating arena, trends in recent years have seen increasing use of powder coatings alongside more traditional liquid coatings. Combining simple, environmentally friendly processes with excellent functional and aesthetic properties, powder coatings are increasingly used by manufacturers to protect a wide range of products in commercial and domestic environments, as well as in vehicles.


Benefits include:

  • Wide variety of finishes and colors;
  • Easy to use, with increased productivity;
  • Near-zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds), improving the carbon footprint of manufacturers and companies;
  • Easy to recover and recycle;
  • 95% transfer efficiency and often with a harder, more durable finish than most conventional liquid coatings;
  • Increased corrosion protection, UV and scratch resistance.


Ultimately, color is a communication medium and should be treated as such. The choice of color for any item should be well thought through, just as the coating cycle to be applied to it should be chosen.