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The role of coating in electrical transportation

The role of coating in electrical transportation

28 September 2022

The electric transportation market is constantly increasing, as is the attention that the whole world is paying to this sector. Both the electric vehicles manufactured and the solutions proposed by the manufacturers increase annually, generating an increasingly diversified panorama able to respond to the different needs of users.

Electric transportation manifests itself in many ways, where only the best known is that of cars. But thinking about city mobility it is easy to understand that there is much more behind it: scooters, bicycles, and electric public transport vehicles (such as buses) are becoming the norm (or at least very widespread) all over the world, Italy included.


They are part of that path towards an ecological transaction that can no longer be extended and has become a much debated and extremely urgent issue in recent years: electric vehicles can be a way to combat climate change by reducing the consumption of fossil fuels (in this case the oil needed to fuel petrol and diesel vehicles), leading to a consequent lowering of greenhouse gas emissions.

The role of coating in electrical transportation

Coating for electric vehicles: a qualitative and protective process

Also on our part we are noticing an increase in interest in vehicles powered by electricity: more and more manufacturers are asking for advice and ideas to protect their items and the various metal and plastic components, through the longest-lasting possible coating cycles.


On metallic materials, a cycle that includes e-coating, powder and / or liquid coating can guarantee extreme resistance against atmospheric agents but also against the dangers deriving from the very nature of the vehicles. Moving on the road, the danger of bumps, scratches and accidents of various kinds can compromise the internal and external components. A quality coat job also helps to protect against this type of unexpected.


To evaluate these aspects, it is essential to carry out preventive tests, in order to understand in advance how the paint film will behave when subjected to stress.


Within our laboratory we are able to carry out a vast series of tests and samples, in order to propose the best possible solution and always knowing precisely what to expect from a specific type of treatment. In the specific circumstance of electric vehicles and the cases we have talked about, look for example at the impact resistance test or the corrosion resistance test.

The role of coating in electrical transportation

So, if on the one hand it is necessary to pay the utmost attention to the choice of the chosen cycle, on the other hand it is essential to carry out tests and samples in advance having in mind what objectives we want to achieve through the surface treatment.


If you wish to receive more information on coating cycles for the electric vehicle market and learn more about our experience in this regard, write to us at info@zoccaratoverniciature.it