agrucultural equipment coating
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Agricultural equipment coating: the importance of the right coating

Agricultural equipment coating:
the importance of the right coating

15 November 2021

Agricultural machinery is among the equipment most exposed to environmental risks, as it works 12 months a year outdoors, in contact with the ground and the weather. That’s why the surface coating that covers them is fundamental both from an aesthetic and a protective point of view: it guarantees maximum productivity, ensuring that they always perform at their best.

Agricultural machinery manufacturers know that the performance of their equipment must go hand in hand with the way it looks, and as a result, they value these factors. That’s why we understand the pride they take in seeing their creations made, and we support them with our various cataphoretic, powder and liquid coatings that keep the machines in perfect condition season after season.


For customers concerned about wear and tear on agricultural equipment, we have the answer. Whether you are producing tractors, harrows or ploughs, we can offer a state-of-the-art agricultural coating solution, as our ultimate goal is to provide farmers and manufacturers with equipment that helps maximise productivity.

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If you think back, there are many risks that these machines run into abrasions, stains, chemicals, deformations, temperature changes, water, soil. And just to mention the main ones. We specialise in the application of powder and liquid coats, as well as e-coating treatment, to promote product efficiency, ensure equipment life extension and prevent equipment stoppages.


Throughout our 60 years of experience, our protective cycles have been perfected to meet the corrosion resistance requirements of the industry’s most renowned customers, thus exceeding the most demanding expectations of the agricultural sector.

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When it comes to durability and quality, we have a proven track record of providing coatings that react best in the most demanding and extreme environmental conditions. We have researched, tested and refined our coatings to offer protection and, thanks to the experience of our team, we can perfect a coating to the required specifications.